Trade rules

1. What do I trade and how

I am interested in CDs, DVDs (both pro-done!), vinyls, zines and merchandise.
I don't need tapes, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs (with rare exceptions).
Mainly I don't need any CDs issued in Russia under license (issued by Irond, CD-Maximum, Fono, Prior, AMG, Soyuz, AGAT, etc) because I can find them in Russia, though I can take some titles that are out of stock or sold out here. The same thing concerns bootleg titles (though I can take some non-russian bootlegs).
As for used CDs or vinyls as well as damaged pieces, please let me know if some titles of your tradelist are in such state - I can take such CDs and vinyls, but their rate can be lower than for mint ones. Of course, I don't need used clothes as well as damaged and dusty ones.

I trade some of our releases and some overstock titles - tradelist will be sent on demand, and of course, send your lists!
You can find some russian-licensed CDs in my list (marked "not for sale outside Russia...") - you can take them for your collection (as well as your friends' collections) but you may not sell them either via mailorder or at gigs/festivals. If you want to get my mailorder titles for trade, of course, you'll have to offer the stuff that can be interesting for me as it's of no use for me to trade my mailorder stuff vs your releases (unless your releases are easy to sell at good price, of course).

If some stuff come unusable you'll have to replace unusable ones! Also if some CDs appeared to be CD-Rs I'll ask you to take them back (it's not my problem that you can't differ pressed CDs and CD-Rs).

Taking into account time and postal expenses, very small trades (less than 5 CDs) are of no use (unless you offer something rare or valuable).

Usual trade rates are the following:
CD - 4 points
MCD - 3 points
CD-R - 2points
digi CD - 5 points
2CD - 5 points
digi 2CD - 6 points
Rates of all other stuff (3CD, 4CD, Vinyl, tapes, TS, LS, merch., zines) as well as mentioned above rates are discussible, of course.
Usually I trade CDs vs CDs, vinyls and merch vs vinyls and merch, though it depends on what do you want to take and what can you offer. And of course if you want to trade your vinyls or merch vs my CDs, you're welcome!

2. Packing

Please send CDs well-packed, without jewel cases.
Please do not put CDs into booklets! Wrap CDs separately from booklets and inlays. Please pack CDs carefully. As for new CDs I use the following method of packing: put CDs one over one (like rouleau), then avoid them from moving by wrapping them into polyethylene film tightly, then wrap this pack by adhesive tape to obtain a "tablet". No more than 25 CDs in 1 tablet, dummy CDs at its top and bottom are recommended. You may put toilet paper or just clean glossy paper between CDs (if you think it's necessary) but this way paper sheets must be of the same size and shape (or bigger) as CDs! In some cases it's useful to put CDs face to face, back to back (useful for CDs made at cheap plants). As for used CDs (or CDs those may have small dust particles), it's better to put them into CD envelopes and then to put a pile of these envelopes into plastic bag (or wrap by plactic film) and avoid from moving. Then wrap booklets and inlays separately (into glossy zine or envelope or just polyethylene film)! Then put your "tablet" into bubble pack (or just several layers of thick paper) and then put them together with inlays and booklets into cardboard box. Then fill free space by paper or some other filling matter and seal it. Nothing must move! No holes must be there!
As for DVDs, usually it's better to send them in cases, though it depends on current trade.
If some of your CDs are in cardboard sleeves, please put all such sleeves with CDs together and tightly wrap them with polyethylene film and then fix it with adhesive tape. Then cover this pile by bubbled film.
When packing CDs with cases (as well as DVDs or digipacks/digisleeves/digibooks), please wrap them all if they are not sealed. And better also wrap them by bubbled film.
As for vinyls, please wrap vinyls and outer sleeves separately (unless they are sealed or come without inner sleeves). Don't wrap vinyls of different sizes together! Please wrap vinyls tightly by polyethylene film, then put them together with sleeves' pile between 2 cardboard pieces of appropriate size and use the adhesive tape to fix this pack. Then put it into the cardboard box of appropriate size.
As for shirts and other merchandise, better use cardboard boxes or reliable packets, as usual paper wrap or even thin carboard pack often comes damaged.

3. Shipping

Let's use regular postal service.
You may use different options of your shipping operator (e.g. EMS) but the pack must be sent to my address (PO box). If it's possible please avoid FedEx or similar services that deliver the pack to the street address (as there can be nobody at home or nobody at work or lazy courier will not take any attempt to find the appropriate building where I work). As for me, I just don't have enough time to use any services besides regular mail and also they are more expensive.

If you're in continental Europe and your postal operator still offers surface shipping, you may use it as it's no problem for me to wait 1-2 weeks more.
Russian Post cancelled registered surface mail since 2015, so I can send my stuff only by airmail. Despite this cancellation, Russian Post illegally ships at least 15% of registered airmail packages by surface mail. Inside Europe it takes up to 5 weeks, but it takes 2 months to US and Canada, 3 months to Mexico and South-East Asia and even much to South America, Australia and New Zealand. We can do nothing with it, so please be ready to wait!

I send all my packs as registered small packets (though I can try to send some cheap stuff non-registered).
As my packs are registered please receive them! I will provide tracking numbers after sending. But in some countries (like UK Australia) tracking of international small packets doesn't work, in some other countries it works strange.
If my pack comes back as "non reclaimed", I think that I may ask 1 or more CDs (depending on postal expenses) to compensate these expenses (if there was no postal worker's mistake). The same is in case if you provided incorrect address. If the pack comes back due to postal error, I will just let you know and send it again (after understanding why did it happen).

I recommend to send all your packs registered as non-registered mail can be lost or stolen here. And please hold the cheques until I let you know that I've got your stuff (in order to claim your postal service on delayed/lost pack).
Of course you may send non-registered, but in this case it means that you agree to send the pack again if I not receive it (Since the end of 00s all non-registered packs from Europe reached me, nothing was lost, but who knows, maybe your pack will be the first loss).
You may add "international notification" red card to your pack to make sure that I've got it, but usually I let all my partners know as soon as I get and unpack their packs (if there are several packs in our trade, I'll report after receiving the last one).

Usual shipping time is about 2 weeks for airmail sent from most countries to Russia and from Russia to most countries (though for some Central and South America countries and also for Italy and Greece it's up to 5-6 weeks). For surface shipping delivery times are usually huge. So if you haven't received my stuff within 6 weeks, please contact me and let's see whether the pack was illegally shipped by surface or just lost (we'll decide what to do, let's discuss).

If your pack comes back, please make photo of it and send to me in order to understand why did it happen.
According to my experience, it can be in case of incorrect address (mistake in zip code, or PO box number) or postal error (pack comes to the wrong country). I always receive all the packs sent to me.

4. Shipping (additional) and invoices

If you send CDs, DVDs or merch, please send your stuff as a small packet ("packchen" in Germany, "USPS First Class Intl." in US, "AusPost First Class Intl." in Australia) or as a printed matter ("letter", "maxi-letter", "par lettre recommande")! Send several packs if your pack weighs more than allowed for the selected type of packages by your postal service.
Only these types of packages may be used for CDs, DVDs and merch!
You may send vinyls (or also various CDs and up to 4 t-shirts) as a parcel ("USPS Priority Intl", "Colissimo International") or EMS shipment. In this case you'll have to add detailed proforma invoice (besides CN23 customs form) with real values of each item, NO GIFT marks, nothing about trading. If the vinyls are various and used and you're private person (not a label), "lot of n used LP recordings - 1 piece - some realistic value" in CN23 should be OK and enough. Please avoid sending CDs without cases as well as numerous similar items as parcel as customs can arrest it and they may not trust the invoice even if it's not fake, they may ask me to prove that CDs are not contrafact, not linked with nazism, porno, etc. I simply don't have time for all this bullshit!

With small packet or printed matter CN22 or CN23 is enough. Just state total value less than 30$, mark the checkbox "GIFT/CADEAU" and all will be OK.
In case if CN22/CN23 are not available in your country, send without them (afair, no problems there were with such packs). You may not mark the checkbox "GIFT/CADEAU" if your customs are not indifferent to this.
If you usually make an invoice, you may include it inside or outside.

By default, I send all my packs with CN22 green labels stating "promotional" (or "used") stuff, "GIFT/CADEAU", total value less than 30$. I don't include any additional invoice. If this is not OK for you, please let me know.
I will do as you ask (if it's possible) but if I'd done all the things as you asked, I'll not be responsible for any taxes, duties and other expenses from your side.
I can write any value (even 0), I can mark "OTHER" instead of "GIFT/CADEAU", I can put the value in any currency (instead Eur for the Europe and $ for the rest world), etc.
If you need CN23 declaration instead of CN22 green label, please lmk.
As for the invoice, please lmk if you need one. The invoice will be wrapped in paper together with cardboard box with trade stuff (putting it outside is not allowed here!). Lmk if it has to be stamped (besides signing) and how many copies must be included.
If there are any special postal or customs limitations in your country (small packets heavier than 1kg are not allowed, more than 10CDs at once are not allowed, etc.), let me know!
Also please let me know if postal rules of your country require CN22/CN23 to be filled in French or your local language instead English.

5. Shipping (the last chapter)

Please send your stuff at almost the same time with me. If you ask me to send my stuff first without any fair reason, I will never trade with you.

I can ask you to send your stuff first in these cases:
-you want to send your stuff first;
-you need your stamps back ASAP (usually I'm sending them back with the next trade);
-you are totally unknown trader/distributor or just started label;
-you are already in black lists;
-you are suspected to be in such lists (by default, all new partners from Philippines, Brazil, Serbia and several other countries are suspected to be rip-offers, so you'll have to prove your reputation once).

6. And the address...

Here's my address:
Denis E. Zavelev
PO box 14

Please don't write the name of my label on the package as well as in the invoice!
If you need my real street address instead of PO box, I can give it, but it will not make the pack come faster.

7. Responsibility

Of course, underground works on confidence, but black lists are shared in the web. So having ripped me off once, you may loose the confidence for ages.

So 3 simple rules:
- All damaged stuff except damaged CD/DVD cases and edges of vinyls sleeves and digipacks (i.e. CDs/DVDs with scratches, cracks, other surface defects, with damaged covers; damaged merchandise if such defects/damages were not mentioned before!) must be replaced (and it doesn't matter whether it was manufacturing fault or the consequence of improper packing or any activity of postal or customs workers);
- If the pack hasn't come in reasonable times (2 x delivery times + 1 month), it is probably lost and must be sent again;
- If it appears that some titles of the trade can't be provided, any substitutions must be discussed (and the same in case of preparing the pack instead of lost one).

8. Any questions, suggestions, mistakes found? Contact me!