TUMULUS "Sredokresie" CD

TUMULUS follows its chosen path in art! The second album boasts an original fusion of slavic folk, progressive metal and rock, ambient and other styles. Lyrically the album deals with heathen mysteries, rites and magic.
TUMULUS is one on the few russian metal bands with its original style and concept.
Kuchma - lead & back vocals, flute
Velingor - bass, gloomy voices, percussions, vargan
Vigdis - keyboards, lead vocal on 8th track
Kurbat - guitars, back vocal
Ottar - drums & percussions
Guest musicians:
Marina Sokolova (Sedmaya Voda former member) - all female vocals (except 8th track), ocarina
Ilya "Radim" Nikolayev (Ros' member) - gusli on 6th track

1. Kolo Opletaya
2. Uzorochinnik
3. Tower Of Birds
4. Mezh Ra Rek
5. Nagovor Na Zavet
6. Kolozheg
7. Sredokresie
8. Severetreni
9. The Other Path

Total playing time : 35:33

W.E. 007
Release date : 11.10.2005