TUMULUS "Live Balkan Path" CD

In the spring of 2006 one of the most unique and innovative russian folk-metal bands - TUMULUS - went on eastern European tour "Folk Art Path" and recorded one of their gigs - in Sofia, Bulgaria - for this live album. Band's live sound a bit differs from their studio recordings - Tumulus sounds more solid and heavy playing live. Except the songs from "Winter Wood" and "Sredokresie" albums, this live recording contains brand new track, cover-versions of Scald, Korozy and Bathory songs and also a exciting videoclip based on the footage made during this tour.
Kuchma lead vocal, flute
Velingor bas, vocal, tambourine
Kurbat guitar
Vigdis keyboards
Ottar drums

1. Intro
2. Kolo Opletaya
3. Vnegda
4. Tower of Birds
5. Sredokresie
6. Vo Luzeh (Omutkovo Lyadi)
7. Nagovor Na Zavet
8. Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain (BATHORY cover)
9. In The Open Sea (SCALD cover)
10. Yavir
11. Odolen'-Trava
12. Within The Soul Of Autumn (KOROZY cover)
13. Mezh Ra Rek
14. The Other Path VIDEOCLIP DivX MPEG


Total playing time : 59:36

W.E. 011
Release date : 03.12.2006