TSARAAS "Shepot Zarytyh Serdec" ["Whisper of Buried Hearts"] CD

Dark ambient side project of MAJDANEK WALTZ musicians. Orchestral samples and majestic electronic organ change into dark drones with noise impregnations. Cold voices already known from the main project are declaiming mystic and strange texts.
Larisa Arkhipetskaya - voice(2-6)
Pavel Blyumkin - voice(1-6), programming
Petr Starov - programming, synth, bass
Music by TSARAAS


1. Chelovek I D'yavol [Man And Devil]
2. Lyudi S Sinei Karmoi [People With Blue Karma]
3. Lenin
4. Shepot Zarytyh Serdec [Whisper of Buried Hearts]
5. Ledyanye Cvety [Icy Flowers]
6. Kak Mlechny Put'... [As The Milky Way...]
7. Zvezda Polyn' [Absinth The Star]

Total playing time: 56:15

W.E. 019
Release date : 22.03.2008