TODESSTOSS "Spiegel der Urängste / Sehnsucht" CD

Martin Lang, free artist from black metal, is well-known in metal underground due to his project TODESSTOSS.
Current release is re-edition of 2 singles (one of them was issued in 2002 limited to 300, and another one in 2004 limited to 500).
This music is painful experiments in cryptic black metal. The aggregate of original sound, melody and vocal gives unique music hardly comparable with anything else. But it should be mentioned, that not many will like it. Conciliated madness and experiment are the main constituents of this music's atmosphere.

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1. Spiegel der Urangste
2. Blutmeer
3. Sehnsucht

Total playing time: 38:35

W.E. 013
Release date: 24.03.2007