Wroth Emitter Productions continues introducing us the works of unremitting actor of underground culture whose psychotraumatic music is as unique as for example the works of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, those made split with him some months ago. It should to be mentioned that his music is transforming from album to album into canvas much painful, infernal, obscene for the philistine's ears (each song of TODESSTOSS can be correlated with canvas drawn by Martin Lang or other insane painter).
The new work called ABWEGNIS 121 continues the transformation began in Wurmer Zu Weinen, namely escape from definite structure (padded out melodiousness is the consequence), using more terrific painful vocals and unpredictable sound moves. But in Wurmer Zu Weinen there seems to be some kind of monotony of vandalism taking place over listener, ABWEGNIS 121 contains various transformations, as the album consists of several parts recorder in several sessions.
The album begins from already known canvas from 2006 demo (Pantherwelle), where the transition to the new level of music only began. Then 2 songs follow, one of them being new, another one being taken from 2008 demo (Vogelmann), that was issued as 42 handnumbered tapes thus it was not available for most listeners. Structure and sound of these songs show the transformation mentioned above. There acoustic psycholullaby with clean vocals follow. It does relax one a little before 2 final canvas (12 and 16 minutes appropriately). The first one is new, second one is also taken from Vogelmann demo. The structure of first one is characterized by the new transformation with continuosly changing rhythms and the mockery over own voice, second one being the hypnotic immersion into the depths of insanity. Constant and accurate rhythm and clean, calm and sometimes deep voice does help. And in the end of the trip piano sounds appear and turn back the listener to the world of something definite and understandable. But only for the short time...

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1. Pantherwelle
2. Auf Abwegen
3. Die Ritzerin am Froschteich
4. Zu sehen - oder nicht
5. Unverweslich unsre Minne ist
6. Vielgestaltges Lebensding
7. Denkgefaess
8. Rotkehlchen

Total Playing Time: 64:10

W.E. 026
Release date: 23.04.2010

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