STONEHENGE "Victims Gallery" CD

Classic doom/death from the golden age (of the dark) of this genre in Russia, namely from middle of 90s.
You can find there all that this genre is famous for: leisurely riffs, mighty growl, dark atmoshere of the Middle Ages. STONEHENGE and MENTAL HOME were among first few ones who became to advance such music in Russia, music in the best traditions of early ANATHEMA and MY DYING BRIDE.
This band was the forge of cadres for ROSSOMAHAAR.

Vlad - vocal
Alexander - lead guitar, keyboards
Sergei "Lazar" - guitar, keyboards
Ruslan "Kniaz" - bass
Dmitry - drums

1. 4000 years ago
2. Notre-Dame de Paris mp3
3. In Hell
4. Blind Pain
5. Town of Silence / Voice from the Past
6. Emily
7. Goddess Meetra's Victim
8. ...

Total playing time : 51:49

W.E. 008
Release date : 22.12.2005