SCALD "Agyl's Saga" 2CD

The long-awaited reissue of the only SCALD album. Epic doom metal as it's called today or Ancient doom metal as band called. Album was remastered from original master CD. Also this release includes some demo, rehearsal and live recordings of SCALD and ROSS heavy metal band formed in Yaroslavl in 1990 and transformed to SCALD in 1993. Issued as 6-panel digipack with 12-page booklet. Limited to 1000, won't be reprinted as digipack!

Scald line-up:
Agyl vocals
Harald guitars
Karry guitars & keyboards
Velingor bass
Ottar drums & percussion
Ross line-up:
Maxim Andrianov vocals & guitars
Sergey Topolenko guitars
Anatoliy Dmitriev bass
Alexander Kudryashov drums

CD 1
1. Night Sky
2. Eternal Stone
3. Ragnaradi Eve
4. Sepulchral Bonfire
5. A Tumulus
6. In The Open Sea

CD 2
1. Konvoir [Prison Guard] (demo '91)
2. KKK (demo '91)
3. Russkiy voin [Russian Warrior] (demo '91)
4. Poi, guslyar! [Sing, Guslyar!] (demo '91)
5. Kudesnik [Wizard] (live '91)
6. Sokol [Falcon] (live '91)
7. Rossia [Russia] (live '91)
8. Chyorny zamok [Black Castle] (live '91)
9. O pohodah vikingov [Of Vikings' Trips] (live '91)
10. Kuznec voiny [Blacksmith Of War] (live '93)
11. Plamya Valgallly [Valhalla's Flame] (rehearsal '93)
12. Pogrebal'ny koster [Sepulchral Bonfire] (rehearsal '93)
13. Sepulchral Bonfire (demo '95)

Tracks' order on CD1 is the same as on original master CD. "Bilrost" is outro for "Ragnaradi Eve" thus it's not separate track and not signed (as in 1997 tape edition).

W.E. 028
Release date: 16.11.2013

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