REFLECTION "The Birth Of Light" CD

REFLECTION band was founded in 1993 in Kremenchuk (Ukraine). Lack of money and quality equipment were compensated by zeal, drive and sincere romanticism. The musicians played what they liked, and did not focus on music market. The style of REFLECTION was power metal. Their compositions were attracted to melodism, long instrumental bridges and an abundance of guitar solos. In those days the musicians could not even imagine that power metal would become so popular in the coming years. The band was distinguished by the subject of their songs, exploring the bright side of being, namely reflections on the world and on a human's place in it, on the struggle for a better future and on the sources of strength for this struggle.
The band's first and the only album, "The Birth Of Light", was recorded in 1996 and a year later was released on cassettes by Moon records. Unfortunately for musicians and fans, three tracks were roughly cut off according to timing: as though all the material did not fit on the cassette.
And now, after many years, the opportunity arose to reissue the album on CD. Justice has been met, and you can hear all the songs as they were recorded twenty-odd years ago. It's just like travelling into the past by a time machine!

Dem (Dmitry Shekhet) - vocals, guitars, piano, synth, lyrics
Drot (Andrey Samogorodsky) - drums, and also jokes, and sometimes outrage :)
Finn (Andrey Glotov) - bass, back vocals
Taric (Taras Korostashov) - guitars, synth

This reissue is dedicated to the memory of Finn.

1. Mourne
2. Drought
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Separation
5. The Builders
6. The Birth Of Light
7. The Arrow And The Song
8. For Soul

Total Playing Time: 48:33

W.E. 029
Release date: 13.12.2019

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