After its birth, this album had been immediately buried alive. After 12 years we have exhumed it and, we have to say, not in vain. At the end of the 2000s, PROZEKTOR rocked the Yaroslavl scene, hitting the fragile youth minds with its bright shows, in which the charismatic vocalist Artyom Dergachev played a bright role (later he stuck in memory for his completely unbridled behavior in the hellish FERALIMINAL LYCANTHROPIZER). Along those days the guys prophetically used medical masks on the stage, which seemed very unusual, while now in almost all public places a person without a mask looks suspicious.
If you start your acquaintance with the release by looking at the booklet and reading the texts, you may get the impression that you will have a fun grind in the spirit of czech PIGSTY and others like them ... Well, you are not so far from the truth, since black humor is a thread that permeates the entire semantic content of the album. Now put the booklet aside, insert the CD into the player, and everything becomes serious: perfectly recorded and played old school death metal, built on dark riffing, mainly at a medium-speed tempo, but not devoid of acceleration up to blast beats, which makes it similar to OBITUARY, although the main association is still with the good old SIX FEET UNDER. In addition, we would like to note the high performance technique, quite adequate recording with excellent sound of all instruments and serious growl.

Anton Bakulin - bass
Ilya Demidov - drums
Artyom Dergachev - vocals
Pavel Bazankov - guitars

1. Intro (0:54)
2. Cannibalism (4:48)
3. I Go Digging (1:48)
4. Splinters In The Eyes (3:56)
5. Tromb (2:30)
6. Crime Zone (4:55)
7. Walking Corpse (4:50)
8. Washing Of Interiors (3:47)
8. Cut Of Prozektor (3:47)
9. Outro (1:24)

Total Playing Time: 32:39

W.E. 041
Release date: 05.01.2022

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