PATRIARCH "Dark World Of Men" CD

Debut album of this black metal band from Kiev (Ukraine) was recorded in winter 2005-2006. Musicians lead the listener from cold and terrible woods to much terrible and cold due to people's indifference cities. The material absorbed best traditions of the genre but at the same time it remains distinctive and novel. The program is rather melodic and expressive. "Patriarch" hopes that both lovers of old school and young growth of our fellows will like it.

1. I Believe
2. Into The Sky
3. Eternity
4. Black Death
5. As The Birds Flew
6. You Are Cleansed By The Waves
7. ...
8. Neurasthenia
9. Land Of Black
10. He Will Come
11. World Of Men
12. Our Path In The Dark

Total playing time : 45:51

W.E. 009
Release date: 26.07.2006