OAKMORD "We Were Always Alone" CD, LP

First record of the finnish-german doom-conspiracy issued on physical media! Melodic, atmospheric and tragic funeral doom metal. Out of the grave of MY SHAMEFUL, into the woods of OAKMORD!
Vinyl issue comes on black wax and had been specially mastered for perfect sound.

Sami Rautio - guitars, bass, vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Jürgen Fröhling - drums

1. I Pray to Unforgiving Skies 08:13
2. Dilution of Pain 05:59
3. Deliverance 08:58
4. My Eyes Reflect Only My Death 06:55
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Total Playing Time: 30:05

W.E. 033DP
Release date: 24.12.2020

W.E. 033LP
Release date: 30.07.2021

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