MIND ECLIPSE "In The Light Of Eclipse Coming" CD

The name MIND ECLIPSE is widely known among fans of extreme metal, but their first album "In The Light Of Eclipse Coming", first released in 2001 on cassettes, has not yet been released on digital media. In the 20th anniversary year of the album, Wroth Emitter corrects this historical injustice and releases it on CD with a new artwork, 12-page booklet and three previously unreleased bonus tracks. Over 60 minutes of classic melodic black metal with new mastering by the legendary Arkady Navajo!

Mastermind - guitar
Battlefield - drums, synth
Sid Dharta - guitar, lead guitar
Teufel Blodhorn - vocals
Xarfax - bass

1. Intro - In Expectation Of (1:49)
2. Live In Sodom (4:34)
3. Too Dead To Live (4:16)
4. Mind Eclipse (5:58)
5. For Those Who Born Under The Chaos Device (5:42)
6. Of Queen That Enthroned In Haunted Citadel Of Syberia (6:15)
7. The Incarnation Of My Sorrow (6:02)
8. Immortal Images And Voices Of Satan's Sorrow (2:52)
9. Farewell (8:22)
10. Outro - Fall In Emptiness (1:35)
Bonus tracks:
11. We Are Not Messiahs (9:12)
12. A Way Across The Horizon (6:08)
13. Up The Steps That Go Down (5:20)

Total Playing Time: 68:05

W.E. 037
Release date: 30.09.2021

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