MAJDANEK WALTZ "O proishozhdenii mira" ["About World's Birth"] CD

Fourth official album of dark folk formation from Ryazan'. Symbiosis between classic european dark folk and dark ambient. Slow guitar fingering and strident viola are mixed with gloomy drones. The voice is declaiming doomy and violently. About world's birth. Music for thoughtful listening. Recorded in 2004. With Wolfsblood.
MRZ - voice, programming
Wolfsblood - voice
Maxim NS - viola, guitar
Music by Majdanek Waltz
Mastering by Vadim S.

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1. Invokaciya [Invocation]
2. Rosa Alchemica
3. Svitok voiny [The Scroll of War]
4. Znak Votana [The Sign of Wotan]
5. O proishozhdenii mira [About World's Birth]
6. Solnechny veter [Solar Wind]
7. Apokalipsis Adama [Adam's Apocalypse]

Total playing time: 39:19

W.E. 012
Release date : 09.12.2006