"Ophelia" is the second part of a trilogy by Majdanek Waltz. This disc can be considered as evolution of the musical and lyrical essence of the band introduced by the "Hamlet's Childhood" album, and is based on original acoustic music of the band coupled with the lyrics of the German early XX century expressionist poets Paul Zech and Georg Heym. All compositions are published for the first time.

Pavel Blumkin - Voice
Larissa Arhipetskaya - Voice
Daniel Vinogradov - Violin
Alexey Epishin - Bayan
Peter Starov - Bass
Ilya Matsevich - Guitar

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1. The Death of the Lovers I
2. The Houses opened Eyes...
3. Ophelia
4. With the Ships of Passage
5. The Death of the Lovers II

Total playing time: 25:52

KF-XIII / W.E. 024
Collaborate release with KultFront

Release date: 09.10.2009