The label was created in Yaroslavl' in 1993 under name "Wroth prod." by Anton "St. Rück" for distribution of CRROMBID TRAXORM tapes and from 1994 also for distribution of SCALD demo recordings. The title became "Wroth Emitter Prod." after SCALD "North Winds" tape had been already released.

Wroth Emitter began to work as regular label in 2003 after getting legal position (as a division of NP «TO «ASFODEL'») and releasing albums of bands from Yaroslavl': SCALD “Will of the gods is great power” and MIND ECLIPSE “Chaos Chronicles” (with More Hate Prod.)

In the summer of 2003 label organized TUMULUS tour to Bulgaria, where SCALD CD was presented.
In the summer of 2004 label also organized TUMULUS tour with shows in Bucharest and Sofia.

After this tour Anton couldn't get back to Russia and the label was accepted by Denis “Metalian” and thus moved to Moscow.
The debut album of TUMULUS “Winter Wood” was issued in autumn of 2004.
More releases followed then.

In 2020, Anton "St. Rück", the founder of the label decided to re-enter underground label activity, while Denis "Metalian" also continues his activity. Though starting from 2020, in spite of united releases numbering, the distribution in fact has two division: Yaroslavl (St.Rück & Alex, "A" in the releases list) and Moscow (Metalian, "M" in the releases list).

The label's aims are no kind of profit but promotion of russian (but not only russian, of course) bands and issuing works those are overlooked and/or forgotten and likely never issued on CD. Another aim is getting recordings and merchandise for private collections.