KOGAI "Hagakure" CD

“The way of the samurai is found in death”

“Hagakure”, XVIII century


New album from the former members of WAR SWALLOWED. Like Yin and Yang, brutality and melody are merged here. Cruelty and mysticism of ancient East, fables and legends of Yamato Land, life and death, eternal advancement on the Way of the Warrior… Remember, when you have two choices, there is only the quick choice of death.

Rounin – bass, vocals, guitars, keyboards
Ben K – lead guitars
J.D. – drums

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1. Intro (The Art Of Zen)
2. The Sword Of Vengeance mp3
3. Battousai
4. Cherry Blossoms (In Inferno)
5. The Fencer
6. Hidden In The Leaves mp3
7. Exile Deserved
8. Tales Of Dark East + Obliteration Allegory (Tales Of Darknord cover) – special bonus

Total playing time: 41:49

W.E. 017
Release date : 20.10.2007