KARSTEN HAMRE / VLAD JECAN "Enter Inside" split CD

Karsten Hamre is a very busy person. Through the years, the list of names and titles he's worked with have increased exponentially-- each band and title an exploration of a sound and ambience that was destined to become solely his own. From the quixotic brilliance of Penitent, to the dark elegance of Veiled Allusions, and now also a solo project bearing only his name.
What often is remembered most about Hamre's work is an ambience that always feels nautical. There is ever a sense of vast, oceanic space. It is expressed in various ways through his works, but it seems always to be there. Many of the sounds seem to come from under water, or inner water. They hint at the dark things hidden in our histories, in our religions; in the decayed and rotting backyard pools of post- Apocalypse suburbia.
Karsten Hamre takes a minimalist approach to his typically lush (albeit delightfully creepy) soundscapes. The result reminds me of works such as Geir Jenssen's "Biosphere", with bits of Lustmord and K.K. Null thrown in for both ominous rhythm and outer darkness.
Lunar Hypnosis Magazine
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Vlad Jecan manages to combine sounds of different types and horizons, distorted sonorities who yet express profound calmness, a fast slide of cosmic images placed in front of your eyes and just then you will hear sounds that reflect the grey emotions lurking inside yourself. The music of an emotional paradox, depressing yet mirthful, distorted yet calm.
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webpage: www.vladjecan.com

Karsten Hamre
1. Enter Dreams
2. Escaping Earth
3. Forgotten Realm
4. The Other World
5. Ode To An End
6. Exit Dreams

Vlad Jecan
7. Limit Of The Infinite
8. Letka
9. Inside

Total Playing Time: 63:50

W.E. 015
Release date: 16.06.2007