INEXIST "Evidence" CD

The first studio experience of INEXIST, one of the most famous Yaroslavl metal bands, "Evidence" demo firstly recorded in 2002 released on CD for the first time. Melodic and fast-paced classic melodic death metal in the best traditions of the genre. The 20th anniversary release is available as a jewel case with a 6-page booklet. Limited to 300 copies.

Sergey “Beorn” Bredis - vocals
Alexey “Pepper” Korovkin - guitars, keyboards
Anton “Pickachu NL” Sakharov - guitars
Eugeny “Papa” Lobazov - bass
Anton “Tepesh” Khomenko - drums

1. Real Fear
2. Insticts Which Desired
4. Blind Winter Night
5. Till A' The Sea
6. Mutation
7. Inexist Acoustic Medley
8. The Exit
9. Factory (previosly urealised demo-track)

Total Playing Time: HH:MM

W.E. 044
Release date: 04.06.2022

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