HALTER "The Principles Of Human Being" LP

In this work, russian band HALTER from Yaroslavl city shows a new level of development of their musical, creative, and performing qualities. However, connoisseurs of the mid-nineties death-doom will find in this album a weighty share of the clich├ęs familiar to this style, expressed in the spirit of our time, and awakening a good nostalgia for the old death-doom days...
Limited to five hundred copies, the marbled colored vinyl manufactured in Germany, packaged in a thick sleeve and equipped with an insert. Each copy is hand-marked with a color option and copy number. Colors available to order: red, orange, yellow, beige, blue, green and dark green. Gray and gold versions will be available exclusively at concerts.

Igor Rusakov - guitars
Dmitry "Mid" - guitars
Alex "Curche" - vocals
Vadim "Wad" Uglanov - bass
Aleksandr Kudryashov - drums
Guest musicians:
Roman Dmitriev - guitars (A4, B1, B3)
Marina Ignatovich - keyboards (B3)


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A1. Sisyphean Toil 05:45
A2. Seasons 06:41
A3. Cobweb Of Troubles 05:35
A4. Hiroshima's Scapegoats 04:01
B1. Spring Morning 05:42
B2. Human Path 05:12
B3. As Nobody Returns 07:38

Total Playing Time: 40:34

W.E. 046LP
Release date: 12.09.2023

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