HALTER "Omnipresence Of Rat Race" CD

This is the reissue of the first album by russian band HALTER "Omnipresence Of Rat Race". It's sincere and filled with pure emotions Doom/Death Metal with riffs inspired by Stoner and Sludge Metal and severe growl. The first issue was made in 2013 by MFL Records in proCD-R format and had been completely sold out long ago. The new edition presents the album in its full-fledged form for the first time including all 7 songs two of which were previously released only on self-released "Post-Factum EP" in 2014 and also a completely re-recorded song "Zone Of Alienation" as bonus track. The album is available as standard jewel case CD and also as limited to 100 copies glossy 4-panel digipak, both editions coming with 12-page booklet including lyrics.

Dmitriy "Mid" Pyshkin - Guitars
Vadim "Wad" Uglanov - Bass
Ivan "Vaness" Sukhanovskiy - Drums
Igor Rusakov - Guitars
Alexey "Curche" Pyshkin - Vocals


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1. ... Of The Part Of Herd 08:41
2. Graves Are Not Full 06:29
3. Zone Of Alienation 12:21
4. Autumn Night 06:06
5. Grey-blooded 08:49
6. Water Through My Fingers 06:14
7. Wintry Day 08:48
8. Zone of Alienation 2020 (Bonus Track) 11:39

Total Playing Time: 69:26

W.E. 030 (regular jewel case version)
W.E. 030DP (limited digipak)
Release date: 20.10.2020

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