GOVERLA "Winter Storm" CD

We are proud to present GOVERLA's debut album. The band was formed in 2006 in Western Ukraine. This album was recorded in 2008 at Rox studio, Lviv, when specific style and sound of the band were being formed, thus it should be mentioned that the material is quite various and contains all the tinges of the genre given from instrumental intro to black metal riffs and acoustic ballad. Lyrics are inspired by hymns to slavic gods, love for motherland and worship of the forefathers. When one's listening the album, images of Carpathians and theirs virgin forests never touched by humanity and immersed in the memory of bygone battles do appear.

Jaromysl - guitar, back scream
Sudymyr - keyboards, drum mashine
Volkovlad - scream, guitar
Gutsul - pipe
Special guest:
Ruen (PAGANLAND) - keyboards (In Memory Of Quorton)

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1. Ceremony
2. Hymn to Strybog
3. Winter Storm
4. In Memory of Quorthon
5. In the Premonition of Inevitable Events
6. Justice
7. Way to Another World
8. Funeral Feast

Total playing time: 40:57

W.E. 027
Release date: 29.05.2010

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