DEIMOS "Never Be Awaken" CD

The first album of Russian DEATH DOOM PROGRESSIVE METAL band DEIMOS "Never Be Awaken".
Melodism and hard middle tempo riffs, unexpected tempo and rhythm changes, growling and clean vocals - all of this make the music of DEIMOS notable and interesting for fans of different genres of heavy metal music.

Leonid Gezalyan - guitar
Aleksander Glazkov - guitar
Tadeush Senich - vocal
Roman Drozd - bass
Vladislav Manshin - drums
Session musicians:
A. Norloguyanova - vocal
O. Kornilova - keyboards
S. Pan'kovskiy - bass

The official web-page

1. Never Be Awaken mp3
2. Guardian
3. Last Light Flashes mp3
4. In Winter
5. Run Through mp3
6. The Great Flower Of Northern Lands
7. The Top
8. Golden Hord mp3

Total Playing Time: 38:49

W.E. 004
Release date : 14.11.2004