CRROMBID TRAXORM "Anamnesis Morbi" CD, deluxe CD+DVD

CRROMBID TRAXORM, a legendary progressive thrash/death band from 90s has completely re-recorded their old demo-tracks. Anamnesis Morbi has been revised by the original band members and guest musicians. Unsurpassable tribute for old fans and new generation of metal maniacs!!!
Issued as regular CD edition and as deluxe edition featured 6-panel digipak with 24-pages booklet, CD and additional DVD with live 1991 and studio reports.

Oleg Kunitsyn (aka "Dr. von K├Ânitz") - all vocals, concept, lyrics, cover & booklet design, band history
Anton Manuylov (aka "wrongweed") - all guitars, leads and strings score on 10
Guest musicians:
Denis Chernov - all basses
Andrey Mukhin - drums on 3 & 6
Roman Galibov - drums on 2, 5, 7, 8 & 9
Anton Nikitin - drums on 4 & 10
Tatyana Korovina - all female vocals
Jenya Rodina - female vocals on 10
Sergey Pletnev - leads
Eduard Khripunov - leads
Katerina Pchelina-Gorokhova - cello
Narek Mirzakhanyan - violin
Dan Krasichkov - trumpet
Denis Chernov, Dan & Dimas, Ruslan, Georg, Alexander "The Great" - choir on 8
Olga Leon (Lushnikova) - all whispers

1. Intro
2. Rising Reanimation
3. Mortalgramma
4. New Vaccine listen
5. Stomatologic Operation listen
6. Each Physician Has His Own Graveyard
7. Massacre Of The Innocents
8. Damage In The 21st Chromosome
9. Corruption Stinks
10. Stadiums/ Dinosaurs
11. Outro

DVD (deluxe edition only):
I. Live at the "House Of The Blind" 01.11.1991
    1. Intro
    2. Rising Reanimation
    3. Stomatologic Operation
    4. To...
    5. I Love You
    6. The Instants
    7. Damage In The 21-st Chromosome
    8. Each Physicians Has His Own Graveyard
II. Studio report 2020

Total Playing Time (CD): 53:35
Total Playing Time (DVD): 39:42

W.E. 032
Release date: 23.12.2020 (regular edition), 01.11.2021 (deluxe edition)

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