BEYOND HORIZON "The Dreamgarden" CD

Doom/death metal band BEYOND HORIZON was formed in Moscow in 1994. First live performance took place in 1995 on underground metal fest "Deathrider", where the band was awarded as the most challenging doom metal band.
In the same year, in May the musicians decided to record their first demo (that became the only recording of the band). Quarter a century later this demo recording has been reissued on CD.

Stone (Dmitry Shilov) - vocals, screams, keyboards
Joser (Vlad Kostyunin) - guitar
Bill (Alexey Belozor) - guitar
Mike (Mikhail Vitsenovsky) - bass
Hunger (Nikolay Gladyshev) - drums
Guest musicians:
Janna Zhadina - female voice
Analysis (Boris Kovalenko) - percussion

1. Nusquam
2. Sleep of Autumn
3. The Dreamgarden (Beyond Horizon)
4. To My Own Paradise
5. Mosaic

Total Playing Time: 34:33

W.E. 031
Release date: 12.12.2020

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