"Bring back our 1998!" - you asked, and the miracle happened. Straight from the scarlet autumn of '98 into the golden autumn of 2021, the magical elixir of youth has been delivered. It is the one and only, unique and legendary album "The Quest" from the band AUTUMNAL DISCORD. The album is the search for the meaning of existence in a forest loosing all it's leaves in autumn, it is the search for oneself in the world of 90s music. Enchanting melodies, the classic "The Beauty and the Beast" duet by Konstantin and Natalya, the unique atmosphere of sadness and loneliness during the burial rituals of November. CD has over an hour of music material with a 12-page booklet and rare bonus tracks for those who still have the unhurried and mesmerizing, dark and epic death doom metal beating in their heart. Touch the legend that has cleaned all the rust of fallen leaves from its greatness through the crucible of remastering!

Konstantin Bespalov - vocals
Nataly Bordashova - vocals
Denis Skvortsov - guitar
Timofey Smirnov - guitar
Kirill Suvorov - bass guitar
Pavel Voyskov - drums

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1. Opusculum (instrumental)
2. T.G.O.S.D.
3. The Minstrel
4. The Quest
5. Into The Forest
6. Atmosphere
7. Episodes (instrumental)
8. October Field
9. Sleepless Vale
10. Autumnal Equinox (instrumental)
Bonus tracks:
11. Into The Forest (live)
12. Sleepless Vale (live)
13. Sarcastic (rehearsal demo)
14. Slothful Thinking (rehearsal demo)

Total Playing Time: 69:19

W.E. 039
Release date: 05.11.2021

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