The third work of long ago made itself known band AGLAOMORPHA, recorded together with OPAQUE LUCIDITY project. Fragments. A single composition of 52m52s length is a collision of two musical conceptions and approaches, namely of the stream of perceptional feelings and the contemplation of self-knowing ego. Reality can't stand the stroke and tumbles down to fragments where the whole plenity of entity has its place. It's a new picture of the world and only the listener with the help of utmost consciousness concentration moves its parts in search of his ideal. It's your choice, you can move in any order these strata of life moments' reflected here. Musically this album is an interlacement of many styles and trends. Aggressive death doom metal combines with melancholic keyboard parts and mysterious esoteric ambient combines with opaque funeral moments. The singing changes uninterruptedly from raising to a wild shout monolithic growling to the hardly audible whispering passing into monotonous declamation.
Finally, Fragments is an experiment, one more side of creativity. And you decide what do you want to hear there.

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1. Fragment I
2. Fragment II
3. Fragment III
4. Fragment IV
5. Fragment V
6. Fragment VI
7. Fragment VII
8. Fragment VIII
9. Fragment IX

Total playing time : 52:52

W.E. 022
Release date: 01.07.2009

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