Probably Aglaomorpha is the project that many do search for. It's doom but not standart boring slow riffs those saturated world doom metal stage. It's a sample of high-quality experiment. Musicians of the project preferred not to copy usual doom cliches a la My Dying Bride but created something new and inexplicable and managed to put all these into the shell of doom.
The album is depressive and melancholic and the most striking is that the musicians succeeded in creation of expressive contrast: sparks of "lucid sadness" against a background of depression do emphasize the insufferable easiness of being even more impressive.
And piercing vocals (growling and screaming) will leave nobody indifferent to this work.

Artem - vocals
Danil - guitars, bass
Nikita - guitars, keyboards, drums

1. Posthumous Portrait (prologue)
2. Deceased Devotion
3. Calm Shout
4. Industrial Masturbation (part I)
5. Questions - The Thrown Cemetery
6. Tones Of My World
7. Revelation (epilogue)
8. Industrial Masturbation (part II)
9. Perception
10. Reflection Of The Beauty (epilogue)
11. Self Portrait (a fragment of the song is available here)
12. Umbrella (music Mike Garson)

Total playing time: 68:16

W.E. 016
Release date: 20.10.2007